Foot care requires no complicated methodologies. Set out below is a summary of certain simple rules and habits to bear in mind.

Observing the feet is important for detecting any change or abnormality. Elderly people not able to complete this rule for themselves may possibly need some help. This is very important in diabetic patients and people with vascular or neurological problems.

It is necessary to keep feet suitably washed using slightly acidic soaps ad warm water.

Carefully dry your feet particularly between the toes.

Nails must be clear pink in appearance, with no stains or ridges and must be cut correctly.

Use of suitable footwear is vital for the health of the feet.

Going barefoot in public places is to be avoided in order to prevent contagion with fungus and verrucas.

Other people’s footwear should never be used.

A proper moisturising degree must be maintained. This can be achieved by using a special moisturising cream daily.

In the application of dermatological products, it is wise to consult a doctor, chemist or chiropodist, who will recommend the most suitable for each case.